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As of October, the unemployment rate was 25.8 percent, with 50.6 percent of Greek youth under 25 unemployed.

“They might want to be intimate with their partners, but they have to wait until their parents go to the supermarket, or something.” This past December, Skarlatos and fellow journalist Kostas Kallergis released a documentary titled .Reidy of the Division of Violence Prevention at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta."Most of what we know suggests that girls are more likely to be victims of sexual violence." The researchers surveyed more than 1,000 boys and girls ages 11 to 17 years from 35 Texas schools about dating violence and self-defense practices."It could depict a human-like figure with a bird-like face, or a bird-like entity which has nothing to do with man but with the ideology and symbolism of the Neolithic society," Katya Manteli, an archaeologist with the museum, told Reuters.Experts also cannot be sure of its provenance, as it belongs to a personal collection.They assume only that it is from the northern Greek regions of Thessaly or Macedonia.