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In 46 BC, Julius Caesar, featured here in a self-decreed minted coin, created a calendar system that added one leap day every four years.

The system was tweaked, however, about 500 years later.

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Sosigenes decided on a 365-day year with an extra day every four years to incorportate the extra hours, and so February 29th was born.

For somebody who doesn’t know them at all, I have a lot of insight and wise words for them.

co-star Rachel Mc Adams, Ryan Gosling's on- and off-screen romances have certainly been memorable.

"It would make sense for them to pair up romantically, but for now, they're just friends." PHOTOS: Ryan and Scarlett, the way they were The duo have more than Hollywood careers to bond over, of course: In 2010, both suffered the painful end of their respective marriages (hers to Jesse James, his to Scarlett Johansson).

PHOTOS: Why Ryan is Hollywood's fittest (and hottest!