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Consolidating democracy in ghana progress and prospects

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Access to power was through the party organization and its rule was enforced through ideological persuasion or coercion.

The governing party became the instrument of elite groups that held onto power at all costs and were unwilling to tolerate dissent or serious competition.

What specific role has the Council played in fighting authoritarian regimes since independence?

How has the Council contributed to democratic nurturing, maturity and consolidation in Ghana?

Nigeria then succumbed to the tyrannical rule of General Sani Abacha, 1993-1998.

Altogether, it took 15 years before military rule was terminated in 1999, a longer period than the first military era, 1966 – 1979.[5] What Thomas Carothers has called “feckless democracy,” and Larry Diamond “pseudo democracy,” prevailed in Nigeria during the first 16 years of the Fourth Republic, May 1999 – May 2015.[6]This period has been characterized by excessive political turbulence, extensive civil violence, high levels of corruption, and fraudulent elections.

As Minister Connie Mulder stated: ‘No black person will eventually qualify in terms of section 10 because they will all be aliens, and as such, will only be able to occupy the houses bequeathed to them by their fathers, in the urban areas, by special permission of the Minister,’ i.e.

black people are forced by residence in designated ‘homelands’ areas to be citizens of that homeland and denied South African nationality, the right to work in South Africa etc.

Walter Sisulu and Abertina Sisulus son Max joins Thabo, and together they make their way to a remote military camp near a town called Sekhodia.30 January, The Prime Minister announces that the government is watching the situation in Lesotho following the elections and that necessary measures have been taken to ensure the safety of South Africans there.16 February, Twenty-two Africans are acquitted of unlawful activities.

1970 11 June, It is announced that Security Police have arrested the leader of the Soweto Students’ Representative Council (SSRC), Dan S.

Montsitsi in connection with plans to commemorate the Soweto uprisings.

As part of a broader civil society, the Christian Council, in spite of its financial challenges, has played a democracy-supporting role of fighting authoritarianism and contributing to the nurturing of democracy in Ghana when it was attained.

So, what is the Christian Council of Ghana’s mission?